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CTFMERGE(1)             NetBSD General Commands Manual             CTFMERGE(1)

ctfmerge -- merge several CTF data sections into one
ctfmerge [-fgstv] -l label -L labelenv -o outfile file ... ctfmerge [-fgstv] -l label -L labelenv -o outfile -d uniqfile [-g] [-D uniqlabel] file ... ctfmerge [-fgstv] -l label -L labelenv -o outfile -w withfile file ... ctfmerge [-g] -c srcfile destfile
The ctfmerge utility merges several CTF data sections from several files into one output file, unifying common data. The following options are available: -f Match global symbols to global CTF data. -g Don't delete the original debugging sections. -s Use the .dynsym ELF section instead of the .symtab ELF section. -t Make sure that all object files have a CTF section. -v Enable verbose mode. -l label Sets the label as label. -L labelenv Instructs ctfmerge to read the label from the environment vari- able labelenv. -o outfile Use outfile to store the merged CTF data. -d uniqfile Uniquify against uniqfile. -d uniqlabel Uniquify against label uniqlabel -w withfile Additive merge with withfile. -c srcfile destfile Copy CTF data from srcfile into destfile.
The ctfmerge utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.
ctfconvert(1), ctfdump(1)
The ctfmerge utility first appeared in FreeBSD 7.0.
The CTF utilities came from OpenSolaris. NetBSD 10.99 July 7, 2010 NetBSD 10.99
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