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WESC(4)              NetBSD/amiga Kernel Interfaces Manual             WESC(4)

wesc -- Warp Engine low level SCSI interface
wesc0 at zbus0
The Amiga architecture uses a common machine independent scsi sub-system provided in the kernel source. The machine independent drivers that use this code access the hardware through a common interface. (see scsibus(4)) This common interface interacts with a machine dependent interface, such as wesc, which then handles the hardware specific issues. The wesc interface handles things such as DMA and interrupts as well as actually sending commands, negotiating synchronous or asynchronous trans- fers and handling disconnect/reconnect of SCSI targets. The hardware that wesc uses is based on the NCR53c710 SCSI chip.
The wesc interface supports the following Zorro III expansion cards: WARP ENGINE MacroSystem Development Warp Engine internal SCSI, manufacturer 2203, product 19
wesc%s: abort %s: dstat %02x, sstat0 %02x sbcl %02x The scsi operation %s was aborted due to error. Dstat, sstat and sbcl are registers within the NCR53c710 SCSI chip. siop id %d reset The NCR53c710 SCSI chip has been reset and configure at id %d. SIOP interrupt: %x sts %x msg %x sbcl %x The NCR53c710 SCSI chip has interrupted unexpectedly. SIOP: SCSI Gross Error The NCR53c710 SCSI chip has indicated that it is confused. SIOP: Parity Error The NCR53c710 SCSI chip has indicated that it has detected a parity error on the SCSI bus.
The wesc interface first appeared in NetBSD 1.0 NetBSD 10.99 August 31, 1994 NetBSD 10.99
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