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GRF(4)               NetBSD/amiga Kernel Interfaces Manual              GRF(4)

grf -- Amiga graphics frame buffer device
grf0 at grfcc0 grf1 at grfrt0 grf2 at grfrh0 grf3 at grfcl? grf4 at grful0 grf5 at grfcv0 grf6 at grfet? grf7 at grfcv3d0
This is frame buffer device for Amiga. There is fixed mapping to the common video hardware. If the device is configured, the frame buffers are mapped as follows: grf0 custom chips grf1 & grf2 Retina Z2/Z3 grf3 Cirrus boards grf4 A2410 video grf5 CyberVision 64 grf6 ET4000 boards (Tseng - oMniBus, Domino, Merlin) grf7 CyberVision 64/3D
amiga/grfcl(4), amiga/grfcv(4), amiga/grfcv3d(4), amiga/grfet(4), amiga/grfrh(4), amiga/grfrt(4), amiga/grful(4), amiga/ite(4), hp300/grf(4)
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