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SSP(3)                  NetBSD Library Functions Manual                 SSP(3)

ssp -- bounds checked libc functions
Buffer Overflow Protection Library (libssp, -lssp)
#include <ssp/stdio.h> int sprintf(char *str, const char *fmt, ...); int vsprintf(char *str, const char *fmt, va_list ap); int snprintf(char *str, size_t len, const char *fmt, ...); int vsnprintf(char *str, size_t len, const char *fmt, va_list ap); char * gets(char *str); char * fgets(char *str, int len, FILE *fp); #include <ssp/string.h> void * memcpy(void *str, const void *ptr, size_t len); void * memmove(void *str, const void *ptr, size_t len); void * memset(void *str, int val, size_t len); char * stpcpy(char *str, const char *ptr); char * strcpy(char *str, const char *ptr); char * strcat(char *str, const char *ptr); char * strncpy(char *str, const char *ptr, size_t len); char * strncat(char *str, const char *ptr, size_t len); #include <ssp/strings.h> void * bcopy(const void *ptr, void *str, size_t len); void * bzero(void *str, size_t len); #include <ssp/unistd.h> ssize_t read(int fd, void *str, size_t len); int readlink(const char * restrict path, char * restrict str, size_t len); int getcwd(char *str, size_t len);
When _FORTIFY_SOURCE bounds checking is enabled as described below, the above functions get overwritten to use the __builtin_object_size(3) func- tion to compute the size of str, if known at compile time, and perform bounds check on it in order to avoid data buffer or stack buffer over- flows. If an overflow is detected, the routines will call abort(3). To enable these function overrides the following should be added to the gcc(1) command line: ``-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=1'' or ``-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2''. If _FORTIFY_SOURCE is set to 1 the code will compute the maximum possible buffer size for str, and if set to 2 it will compute the minimum buffer size.
gcc(1), __builtin_object_size(3), stdio(3), string(3), security(7)
The ssp library appeared NetBSD 4.0. NetBSD 9.3 December 3, 2015 NetBSD 9.3
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