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IEEE80211_CRYPTO(9)    NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual    IEEE80211_CRYPTO(9)

ieee80211_crypto_attach, ieee80211_crypto_detach, ieee80211_crypto_encap -- 802.11 WEP encryption functions
void ieee80211_crypto_attach(struct ieee80211com *ic); void ieee80211_crypto_detach(struct ieee80211com *ic); struct ieee80211_key * ieee80211_crypto_encap(struct ieee80211com *ic, struct ieee80211_node *ni, struct mbuf *m0);
These functions provide encryption support for 802.11 device drivers. The ieee80211_crypto_attach() function initializes crypto support for the interface ic. The default is null crypto. The ieee80211_crypto_detach() function frees data structures associated with crypto support for the interface ic. The two above functions are automatically called by the interface attach and detach routines, respectively. The ieee80211_crypto_encap() function encapsulates the packet supplied in mbuf m0, with the crypto headers given the for node ni. Software encryp- tion is possibly performed. In case of no specified key for ni or multi- cast traffic, the default key for the interface ic is used for encapsula- tion. The key is returned in the case of successful encapsulation, oth- erwise NULL is returned.
The ieee80211 series of functions first appeared in NetBSD 1.5, and were later ported to FreeBSD 4.6.
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