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SUN8ICRYPTO(4)          NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual         SUN8ICRYPTO(4)

sun8icrypto -- driver for Allwinner Crypto Engine
sun8icrypto* at fdt?
The sun8icrypto driver provides support for the cryptographic processors on Allwinner A64 and H5 systems-on-a-chip. The Allwinner Crypto Engine is the successor to the earlier Allwinner Security System. The hardware includes a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) that is used as an entropy source for the rnd(4) system, and implementations of vari- ous cryptographic algorithms that can be used with ipsec(4) and crypto(4). The following opencrypto(9) algorithms are supported: CRYPTO_AES_CBC CRYPTO_AES_CTR CRYPTO_AES_ECB CRYPTO_AES_XTS CRYPTO_DES_CBC CRYPTO_DES_ECB CRYPTO_3DES_CBC CRYPTO_3DES_ECB CRYPTO_MD5 CRYPTO_SHA1 CRYPTO_SHA224 CRYPTO_SHA256 CRYPTO_SHA1_HMAC CRYPTO_SHA2_256_HMAC
crypto(4), ipsec(4), rnd(4), entropy(7), opencrypto(9)
The sun8icrypto device driver first appeared in NetBSD 9.1.
The sun8icrypto TRNG's underlying source of randomness is not documented by Allwinner, so is not trusted as a reliable source of entropy. Initial tests using NIST's SP800-90B tools showed highly biased runs of output, suggesting any potential physical source is not subject to whitening. Cryptographic operations using sun8icrypto are generally slower than using the CPU on supported devices, but provide an advantage in terms of hardware offloading if the CPU is busy. NetBSD 9.3 April 25, 2021 NetBSD 9.3
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