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AD(4)                 NetBSD/vax Kernel Interfaces Manual                AD(4)

ad -- Data Translation A/D converter
ad0 at uba0 csr 0170400 vector adintr
NOTE: This driver has not been ported from 4.4BSD yet. The ad driver provides an interface to the Data Translation A/D con- verter. This is not a real-time driver, but merely allows the user process to sample the board's channels one at a time. Each minor device selects a different A/D board. The driver communicates to a user process by means of ioctl(2)s. The AD_CHAN ioctl(2) selects which channel of the board to read. For exam- ple, chan = 5; ioctl(fd, AD_CHAN, &chan); selects channel 5. The AD_READ ioctl(2) actually reads the data and returns it to the user process. An example is ioctl(fd, AD_READ, &data);
The ad driver appeared in 4.1BSD. NetBSD 9.2 June 5, 1993 NetBSD 9.2
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