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XPCI(4)               NetBSD/xen Kernel Interfaces Manual              XPCI(4)

xpci -- Xen frontend paravirtualized PCI pass-through driver
xpci* at xenbus? pci* at xpci?
The xpci driver is the frontend part of the PCI pass-through functional- ity that can be used by Xen guest domains to communicate with PCI devices. From a guest point of view, xpci is similar to a pci(4) bus, except that the guest talks with the PCI backend driver instead of the real physical device directly. When the host domain is NetBSD, the xpci driver is backed by a pciback(4) driver within the dom0.
pci(4), pciback(4), xenbus(4)
The xpci driver first appeared in NetBSD 5.1.
The xpci driver was written by Manuel Bouyer <bouyer@NetBSD.org>.
As PCI passthrough offers the possibility for guest domains to send arbi- trary PCI commands to a physical device, this has direct impact on the overall stability and security of the system. For example, in case of erroneous or malicious commands, the device could overwrite physical mem- ory portions, via DMA. NetBSD 9.2 January 8, 2011 NetBSD 9.2
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