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LASI(4)              NetBSD/hppa Kernel Interfaces Manual              LASI(4)

lasi -- 2nd generation I/O subsystem
lasi* at mainbus0 lasi* at phantomas? gsc* at lasi?
Core bus controller and I/O subsystem as present on newer HP 9000/700 workstations and single-board computers. The supported core bus con- trollers are those used in conjunction with PA7100LC, PA7300LC and early PA8000 / PA8200 CPUs and based upon LSI's macrochip that includes: Core bus controller System Clock Interrupt Controller Real Time Clock Interface Power System support RAM and Flash EEPROM controllers Two PS/2 ports RS-232 and Centronics I/O ports i82596CA LAN coprocessor NCR53c710 SCSI I/O processor Serial Interface for the CS4216 Audio Codec Interface for the WD37C65C floppy drive controller Optional Telephone interface (two fax/voice modem channels)
An incomplete list of machines that use the LASI bus controller: 712/* 715/{64/80/100}[XC] 725/{64/80/100} 743/* 744/* 748/* A180[C] B132L[+], B160L, B180L+ C100, C110, C132L, C160[L], C180, C200, C240, C360 J200, J210[XC], J280, J282, J2240 all [EK]-Class machines R380, R390 RDI PrecisionBook SAIC Galaxy 1100
com(4), hppa/gsc(4), hppa/gsckbc(4), hppa/harmony(4), hppa/intro(4), hppa/io(4), hppa/phantomas(4), iee(4), lpt(4), osiop(4) Precision I/O Architecture Reference Specification, Hewlett-Packard. 712 I/O Subsystem ERS, Revision 1.1, Hewlett-Packard, 12 February 1993, Dwg No. A-A2263-66510-31. Hewlett-Packard Journal, Number 2, Volume 46, April 1995.
The lasi driver appeared in OpenBSD 2.4. It was ported to NetBSD 1.6 by Matthew Fredette. NetBSD 9.2 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.2
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