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GSC(4)               NetBSD/hppa Kernel Interfaces Manual               GSC(4)

gsc -- General System Connect bus on HP 9000/700 machines
gsc* at lasi? gsc* at asp? gsc* at wax?
This is the core I/O bus for all HP 9000/700 workstations. All I/O sub- systems connect to this bus. The devices can be either on separate chips, expansion cards or on an integrated megacell, like the LASI MBA. The GSC bus is a 32-bit wide, address and data multiplexed bus. In its "standard" implementation it has a maximum throughput of 160MB/s, the "2x" implementation reaches up to 250MB/s. Some HPPA CPUs directly attach to this bus, namely the PA7100LC and PA7300LC. As for the expansion cards, there are different form-factors, depending on bus-speed (standard or 2x) and specific models. The standard formfac- tor is the "EISA form-factor"; cards that look like typical EISA cards with a different connector (100-pin female EBBL). The Series 712 have their own special type of GSC expansion cards, called the "GIO form-fac- tor", which is quite small and mostly has only one VLSI chip on it (in most cases LASI/WAX). Newer systems sometimes feature the "HSC formfac- tor", which is a 1U-VME card-like expansion card with a 100-pin male pin+socket connector. Mixing cards with different speeds is supported but downgrades the performance of the whole I/O-subsystem.
The system includes machine-dependent GSC drivers, sorted by driver name: com(4) RS-232 ports. hppa/gsckbc(4) PC-style keyboard controller. hppa/harmony(4) CS4215/AD1849 audio. hil(4) Human Interface Loop, for HP-proprietary input devices like keyboard and mice. iee(4) Intel i82596 DX/CA 32-bit LAN coprocessor. lpt(4) Centronics printer port. oosiop(4) Symbios/NCR 53C700 SCSI I/O Processor. osiop(4) Symbios/NCR 53C710 SCSI I/O Processor. Some of these GSC devices also have PCI, EISA, or ISA equivalents. These are listed in pci(4), eisa(4), or isa(4).
hppa/asp(4), hppa/cpu(4), hppa/intro(4), hppa/lasi(4), hppa/wax(4)
The gsc driver appeared in OpenBSD 2.6. It was ported to NetBSD 1.6 by Matthew Fredette. NetBSD 9.2 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.2
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