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ASP(4)               NetBSD/hppa Kernel Interfaces Manual               ASP(4)

asp -- first generation I/O subsystem
asp* at mainbus0 gsc* at asp?
Core bus controller and I/O subsystem as present on older HP 9000/700 workstations. The supported core bus controllers are those used in con- junction with PA7000, PA7100, and PA7150 CPUs and include: Core bus controller System Clock Interrupt Controller DMA Controller Real Time Clock Interface RAM and EEPROM controllers
An incomplete list of machines that use the ASP bus controller: 705, 710 715/{33,50,75} 725/{50,75} 720, 730, 750 735/*, 755 (ASP2) 742i 745i/{50,75} 747i/{50,75} 755/*
hppa/gsc(4), hppa/intro(4), hppa/io(4) Hardball I/O Subsystem ERS, Revision 1.1, Hewlett-Packard, 30 September 1991.
The asp driver appeared in OpenBSD 2.4. It was ported to NetBSD 1.6 by Matthew Fredette. NetBSD 9.2 February 17, 2017 NetBSD 9.2
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