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trek -- trekkie game
trek [-sf]
trek is a game of space glory and war. Below is a summary of commands. For complete documentation, see Trek by Eric Allman. The -s flag makes the game somewhat more efficient if you have a (very) slow terminal. The -f flag (the default) is for faster terminals. The game will ask you what length game you would like. Valid responses are ``short'', ``medium'', and ``long''. You may also type ``restart'', which restarts a previously saved game. You will then be prompted for the skill, to which you must respond ``novice'', ``fair'', ``good'', ``expert'', ``commodore'', or ``impossible''. You should normally start out with a novice and work up. In general, throughout the game, if you forget what is appropriate the game will tell you what it expects if you just type in a question mark.
Eric Allman
abandon capture cloak up/down computer request; ... damages destruct dock help impulse course distance lrscan move course distance phasers automatic amount phasers manual amt1 course1 spread1 ... torpedo course [yes] angle/no ram course distance rest time shell shields up/down srscan [yes/ no] status terminate yes/no undock visual course warp warp_factor NetBSD 9.1 May 24, 2009 NetBSD 9.1
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