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xfsinfo - X font server information utility
xfsinfo [-server servername]
Xfsinfo is a utility for displaying information about an X font server. It is used to examine the capabilities of a server, the predefined val- ues for various parameters used in communicating between clients and the server, and the font catalogues and alternate servers that are available.
-server servername This option specifies the X font server to contact. servername must be specified in one of the formats defined in the Font Server Names section of X(7). If not specified, the server name in the FONTSERVER environment variable is used. -version This option prints the program version and exits.
Xfsinfo was originally called fsinfo. It was renamed to avoid a clash with the fsinfo utility from the Berkeley automounter amd.
The following shows a sample produced by xfsinfo. example% xfsinfo -server hansen:7100 name of server: hansen:7100 version number: 1 vendor string: Font Server Prototype vendor release number: 17 maximum request size: 16384 longwords (65536 bytes) number of catalogues: 1 all Number of alternate servers: 2 #0 hansen:7101 #1 hansen:7102 number of extensions: 0
FONTSERVER To get the default fontserver. The server name must be speci- fied in one of the formats defined in the Font Server Names section of X(7).
xfs(1), fslsfonts(1), X(7).
Dave Lemke, Network Computing Devices, Inc X Version 11 XFSINFO(1)
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