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EN(4)                   NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  EN(4)

en -- Midway-based ATM interfaces device driver
en* at pci? dev ? function ? en* at sbus? slot ? offset ?
The en device driver supports Midway-based ATM interfaces including the Efficient Networks, Inc. ENI-155 and Adaptec 5900 and 5905.
The Efficient Networks, Inc. and Adaptec interfaces use significantly different DMA engines. In order to reduce the size of the en driver object, exactly one of the following options may be placed in the kernel configuration file: MIDWAY_ADPONLY Include support for Adaptec interfaces only. MIDWAY_ENIONLY Include support for Efficient Networks, Inc. interfaces only.
Cards supported by the en driver include: Efficient Networks, Inc. ENI-155 Adaptec 5900 and 5905
intro(4), pci(4), sbus(4), ifconfig(8)
The Sbus attachment of the en driver only currently functions on sun4c class systems. NetBSD 8.1 November 10, 1997 NetBSD 8.1
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