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ADM1026HM(4)            NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual           ADM1026HM(4)

adm1026hm -- Analog Devices ADM1026 complete thermal system management controller
adm1026hm* at iic0 addr 0x2e: ADM1026 hardware monitor: rev. 0x4, step. 0x5 adm1026hm*: 8 fans, 3 temperatures, 15 voltages
The adm1026hm driver provides support for the Analog Devices ADM1026 hardware monitor. The chip possesses 8 fan speed sensors, 3 temperature sensors, and 17 voltage sensors. The number of each sensor type config- ured by the driver depends on the chip configuration. The values of the sensors are made available through the envstat(8) interface. Sensor Units Description fan N RPM Fan 0-7 internal C Internal temperature external N C External temperature 1-2 Vbatt mV DC Battery voltage V3.3 standby mV DC 3.3V standby voltage V3.3 main mV DC 3.3V main voltage V5.0 mV DC 5.0V supply voltage V+12 mV DC +12V supply voltage V-12 mV DC -12V supply voltage V3.3 N mV DC Analog in (3.3V reference) 0-5 V2.5 N mV DC Analog in (2.5V reference) 0-3
iic(4), intro(4), envstat(8)
The adm1026hm driver was written by Julian Coleman <>.
It's not possible to determine if either a sensor is not connected, or the monitored device is producing no output. Therefore, unconnected sen- sors will show outputs of 0. The adm1026hm driver does not support checking or altering limit values, interrupt output, nor the built-in EEPROM. NetBSD 8.0 December 11, 2015 NetBSD 8.0
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