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PVCHANGE(8)                                                        PVCHANGE(8)

pvchange - change attributes of a physical volume
pvchange [--addtag Tag] [-A|--autobackup y|n] [-d|--debug] [--deltag Tag] [-h|-?|--help] [-t|--test] [-v|--verbose] [-a|--all] [-x|--allo- catable y|n] [-u|--uuid] [PhysicalVolumePath...]
pvchange allows you to change the allocation permissions of one or more physical volumes.
See lvm for common options. -a, --all If PhysicalVolumePath is not specified on the command line all physical volumes are searched for and used. -u, --uuid Generate new random UUID for specified physical volumes. -x, --allocatable y|n Enable or disable allocation of physical extents on this physi- cal volume. Example "pvchange -x n /dev/sdk1" disallows the allocation of physical extents on this physical volume (possibly because of disk errors, or because it will be removed after freeing it.
lvm(8), pvcreate(8) Sistina Software UK LVM TOOLS 2.02.44-cvs (02-17-09) PVCHANGE(8)
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