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LINEDISC(9)            NetBSD Kernel Developer's Manual            LINEDISC(9)

linedisc, ttyldisc_add, ttyldisc_lookup, ttyldisc_remove -- extensible line discipline framework
#include <sys/conf.h> int ttyldisc_add(struct linesw *disc, int no); struct linesw * ttyldisc_remove(const char *name); struct linesw * ttyldisc_lookup(const char *name);
The NetBSD TTY line discipline framework allows extensibility. Modules that need special line disciplines can add them as convenient and do not need to modify tty_conf.c. Line disciplines are now managed by a string, rather than number. Once the framework has been initialized, a new line discipline can be added by creating and initializing a struct linesw and calling ttyldisc_add(). The following is a brief description of each function in the framework: ttyldisc_add() Register a line discipline. The l_name field of the struct linesw should point to a string which is to be the symbolic name of that line discipline. For com- patibility purposes, a line discipline number can be passed in no, but for new disciplines this should be set to -1. ttyldisc_lookup() Look up a line discipline by name. NULL is returned if it can not be found. ttyldisc_remove() Remove a line discipline called name and return a pointer to it. If the discipline cannot be found or removed ttyldisc_remove() will return NULL.
The linedisc functions were added in NetBSD 1.6.
The NetBSD extensible line discipline framework was created by Eduardo Horvath <>. NetBSD 7.0 November 1, 2000 NetBSD 7.0
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