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P2K(3)                  NetBSD Library Functions Manual                 P2K(3)

p2k -- puffs to kernel vfs translation library
p2k Library (libp2k, -lp2k)
#include <rump/p2k.h> int p2k_run_fs(const char *vfsname, const char *devpath, const char *mountpath, int mntflags, void *arg, size_t alen, uint32_t puffs_flags);
The p2k library translates the puffs protocol to the kernel vfs protocol and back again. It can therefore be used to mount and run kernel file system code as a userspace daemon. Calling the library interface function mounts the file system and, if succesful, starts handling requests. The parameters are handled by ukfs_mount() (see ukfs(3)), with the exception that mountpath and puffs_flags are handled by puffs(3).
puffs(3), rump(3), ukfs(3), rump_cd9660(8), rump_efs(8), rump_ext2fs(8), rump_ffs(8), rump_hfs(8), rump_lfs(8), rump_msdos(8), rump_ntfs(8), rump_syspuffs(8), rump_tmpfs(8), rump_udf(8) NetBSD 5.0 July 28, 2008 NetBSD 5.0
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