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ATF-FORMAT(1)           NetBSD General Commands Manual           ATF-FORMAT(1)

atf-format -- formats a text paragraph to fit nicely on screen
atf-format [str1 [.. strN]] atf-format -t tag [-l length] [-r] [str1 [.. strN]] atf-format -h
atf-format formats text messages to not overflow the terminal's width, and optionally adds a prefix string to them. Messages can be fed through the standard input or through multiple arguments; in the latter case, all of them are concatenated as if they were separated by a single space. Different lines (those separated by a new-line character) are treated as different paragraphs and thus formatted accordingly. In the first synopsis form, atf-format formats the message to not over- flow the terminal's width. The message is supposed to start at column 0. In the second synopsis form, atf-format also formats the message to not overflow the terminal's width, but it appends a tag to the beginning of the string. This tag may or may be not repeated on each line of the text; if it is not repeated, the text is simply indented. This synopsis form is useful to easily format two-column tables, being the first one much shorter than the second one. The message is supposed to start at column 0. In the third synopsis form, atf-format will print information about all supported options and their purpose. The following options are available: -h Shows a short summary of all available options and their purpose. -l length Specifies the length in characters of te tag. Useful if the tag is shorter than the desired length, which happens when formatting two-column tables. -r Repeat the tag on each line. Otherwise it is only shown on the first one, and all others are indented appropriately using whitespace. -t tag Specifies the tag to use
atf(7) NetBSD 5.0 August 18, 2007 NetBSD 5.0
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