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ATF-EXEC(1)             NetBSD General Commands Manual             ATF-EXEC(1)

atf-exec -- executes a command after modifying settings in its container process
atf-exec -g command atf-exec -h
atf-exec is a wrapper that executes the given command after doing some additional tasks. These tasks involve modifying the properties of the process that will run the command that cannot be changed with regular system tools. In the first synopsis form, atf-exec will execute the provided command after applying the changes requested by the options to its environment. If no additional options are given, the command is executed as if atf-exec had not been used. In the second synopsis form, atf-exec will print information about all supported options and their purpose. The following options are available: -g Configures the process to become a new process group leader. -h Shows a short summary of all available options and their purpose.
atf-killpg(1), atf(7) NetBSD 5.0 January 25, 2008 NetBSD 5.0
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