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AIO_SUSPEND(3)          NetBSD Library Functions Manual         AIO_SUSPEND(3)

aio_suspend -- suspend until asynchronous I/O operations or timeout com- plete (REALTIME)
POSIX Real-time Library (librt, -lrt)
#include <aio.h> int aio_suspend(const struct aiocb * const list[], int nent, const struct timespec * timeout);
The aio_suspend() system call suspends the calling process until at least one of the specified asynchronous I/O requests have completed, a signal is delivered, or the timeout has passed. The list argument is an array of nent pointers to asynchronous I/O requests. Array members containing null pointers will be silently ignored. If timeout is not a null pointer, it specifies a maximum interval to sus- pend. If timeout is a null pointer, the suspend blocks indefinitely. To effect a poll, the timeout should point to a zero-value timespec struc- ture.
If one or more of the specified asynchronous I/O requests have completed, aio_suspend() returns 0. Otherwise it returns -1 and sets errno to indi- cate the error, as enumerated below.
The aio_suspend() system call will fail if: [EAGAIN] The timeout expired before any I/O requests completed. [EINTR] The suspend was interrupted by a signal. [EINVAL] The list argument contains more than AIO_LISTIO_MAX asynchronous I/O requests, or at least one of the requests is not valid.
aio_cancel(3), aio_error(3), aio_return(3), aio_write(3)
The aio_suspend() system call is expected to conform to the IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1'') standard.
The aio_suspend() system call first appeared in NetBSD 5.0. NetBSD 5.0 May 4, 2007 NetBSD 5.0
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