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ADT7467C(4)             NetBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual            ADT7467C(4)

adt7467c -- Analog Devices ADT7467 and ADM1030 hardware monitors and fan controllers
adt7467c0 at ki2c?
The adt7467c driver provides support for the Analog Devices ADT7467 and ADM1030 hardware monitor chips to be used with the envsys(4) API. The ADT7467 supports five sensors: Sensor Units Typical Use temp0 uK chip temperature temp1 uK CPU temperature temp2 uK GPU temperature voltage0 uV DC CPU Vcore fan0 RPM Chassis Fan The ADM1030 supports three sensors: Sensor Units Typical Use temp0 uK chip temperature temp1 uK CPU temperature fan0 RPM Chassis Fan Due to hardware limitations, fresh sensor data is only available every 2 seconds. Both controllers support fan speed control based on temperature thresh- olds - the fan will spin up when any thermal sensor reaches its config- ured threshold, it will go faster with higher temperature and slow down when temperature sinks. The fan will be turned off when the sensor(s) that triggered it report a temperature about 5C below threshold. All thresholds are configurable via sysctl: machdep.adt7467c0.temp0 = 56 machdep.adt7467c0.temp1 = 85 machdep.adt7467c0.temp2 = 76 Every threshold corresponds to a temperature sensor, so with the ADM1030 there will be only two of them. Both chips use degree Celsius to specify temperature thresholds so that's what the sysctl interface uses too. Configuring a threshold below room temperature will essentially turn on the fan permanently, values above 85C will be rejected.
The adt7467c device appeared in NetBSD 4.0.
The drivers have been tested with iBooks only so far. The ADT7467 sup- ports more fan speed sensors but these are unused in iBooks. NetBSD 4.0.1 September 11, 2005 NetBSD 4.0.1
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