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SSL_want, SSL_want_nothing, SSL_want_read, SSL_want_write, SSL_want_x509_lookup - obtain state information TLS/SSL I/O operation
libcrypto, -lcrypto
#include <openssl/ssl.h> int SSL_want(SSL *ssl); int SSL_want_nothing(SSL *ssl); int SSL_want_read(SSL *ssl); int SSL_want_write(SSL *ssl); int SSL_want_x509_lookup(SSL *ssl);
SSL_want() returns state information for the SSL object ssl. The other SSL_want_*() calls are shortcuts for the possible states returned by SSL_want().
SSL_want() examines the internal state information of the SSL object. Its return values are similar to that of SSL_get_error(3). Unlike SSL_get_error(3), which also evaluates the error queue, the results are obtained by examining an internal state flag only. The information must therefore only be used for normal operation under non-blocking I/O. Error conditions are not handled and must be treated using SSL_get_error(3). The result returned by SSL_want() should always be consistent with the result of SSL_get_error(3).
The following return values can currently occur for SSL_want(): SSL_NOTHING There is no data to be written or to be read. SSL_WRITING There are data in the SSL buffer that must be written to the under- lying BIO layer in order to complete the actual SSL_*() operation. A call to SSL_get_error(3) should return SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE. SSL_READING More data must be read from the underlying BIO layer in order to complete the actual SSL_*() operation. A call to SSL_get_error(3) should return SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ. SSL_X509_LOOKUP The operation did not complete because an application callback set by SSL_CTX_set_client_cert_cb() has asked to be called again. A call to SSL_get_error(3) should return SSL_ERROR_WANT_X509_LOOKUP. SSL_want_nothing(), SSL_want_read(), SSL_want_write(), SSL_want_x509_lookup() return 1, when the corresponding condition is true or 0 otherwise.
ssl(3), openssl_err(3), SSL_get_error(3) 3rd Berkeley Distribution 0.9.7d SSL_want(3)
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