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POSTINSTALL(8)          NetBSD System Manager's Manual          POSTINSTALL(8)

postinstall -- check and fix installation after system upgrades
postinstall [-a arch] [-d destdir] [-m machine] [-s (srcdir | tgzdir | tgzfile)] [-x xsrcdir] operation ... postinstall -?
The postinstall utility performs post-installation checks and/or fixes on a system's configuration files. It is especially useful after system upgrades, e.g. after updating from NetBSD 1.6.2 to NetBSD 2.0. The items to check or fix are divided in two groups: enabled by default and dis- abled by default. The latter are items that are dangerous for some rea- son, for example because they remove files which may be still in use. If no items are provided, the default checks or fixes are applied. Those which are disabled by default must be provided explicitly. Supported options: -a arch MACHINE_ARCH. Defaults to machine of the host oper- ating system. -d destdir Destination directory to check. Defaults to /. -m machine MACHINE. Defaults to machine of the host operating system. -s (srcdir | tgzdir | tgzfile) The location of the reference files, or the NetBSD source files used to create the reference files. This may be specified in one of three ways: -s srcdir The top level directory of the NetBSD source tree. By default this is /usr/src. -s tgzdir A directory in which reference files have been extracted from a binary dis- tribution of NetBSD. The files that are distributed in the ``etc.tgz'' or ``etc.tar.xz'' set file must be present. The files that are distrib- uted in the ``xetc.tgz'' or ``xetc.tar.xz'' set file are optional. -s tgzfile The location of a set file (or ``tgz file'' or ``tar.xz file'') such as ``etc.tgz'' or ``xetc.tgz'' from a binary distribution of NetBSD. Each set file is a compressed archive con- taining reference files, which will be extracted to the temproot directory. Multiple -s options may be used to specify multiple set files. The ``etc.tgz'' set file must be speci- fied. The ``xetc.tgz'' set file is optional. -x xsrcdir Location of the X11 source files. This must be a directory that contains a NetBSD xsrc tree. -? Display help to stdout, and exit. The operation argument may be one of: check item ... Perform post-installation checks on items. diff [-bcenpuw] item ... Similar to check, but also show the differences between the files. fix item ... Apply fixes that check determines need to be applied. Not all items can be automatically fixed by postinstall, and in some cases an error will be reported, after which man- ual intervention will be required. Conflicts between existing files in the target file system and new files from the NetBSD distribution are resolved by replacing the existing file with the new file; there is no attempt to merge the files. See etcupdate(8) for an alternative update method that is able to merge files. help Display help to stdout, and exit. list List available items, showing if they are enabled or dis- abled by default. usage Display help to stdout, and exit.
The postinstall utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs or a problem was found.
The postinstall utility first appeared in NetBSD 1.6. In NetBSD 4.0, the -s tgzfile option was added. In NetBSD 5.0, the ability to specify multiple colon-separated files with a single -s option was deprecated. In NetBSD 7.0, the ability to specify multiple colon-separated files with a single -s option was removed. Multiple -s options must be used instead. NetBSD 10.0 January 9, 2022 NetBSD 10.0
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