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MOUNT_CHFS(8)           NetBSD System Manager's Manual           MOUNT_CHFS(8)

mount_chfs -- mount a CHFS flash file system
Mounts a flash file system from a flash(4) device. CHFS file systems can be only mounted from flash devices. For regular block devices like SSD drives or USB drives, please use a regular file system. The file system will be created during the first mount. CHFS stands for Chip File Sys- tem. This command is normally executed by mount(8) at boot time. The options are as follows: -o Options are specified with a -o flag followed by a comma-sepa- rated string of options. See the mount(8) man page for possible options and their meanings.
mount_chfs /dev/flash0 /mnt
flash(4), fstab(5), mount(8), flash(9)
A mount_chfs utility appeared in NetBSD 6.0. CHFS was originally called ChewieFS during development. The name was changed to avoid legal issues and to have a more neutral name.
CHFS was developed at the Department of Software Engineering, University of Szeged, Hungary.
CHFS has a few known bugs as of 2011. Writing the FS full can cause problems. Truncating a file and growing it again can cause the new bytes not having all zeroes, but filled with the old content instead. NetBSD 10.0 June 7, 2021 NetBSD 10.0
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